ann ladson jewelry | studio12/19/13

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A little behind the scenes with Ann in her gorgeous, light-filled studio.

Find the lookbook for this collection here.

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  1. Love this whole new thing about simple and light jewelry, Kind in the same feeling as Another Feather. And i’m also happy that those small / indepandant makers are getting the support they deserve

  2. This space is so lovely. Great light, and how wonderful to see the behind-the-scenes of a talented artisan. I really love the story this tells as well.

  3. Hi OLivia,

    I really enjoy your work and am trying to contact you about a project, but the link for your contact page isn’t working. Would you mind sending me an email so we can chat about it?


  4. Thomas chase

    Ann. I like earrings That look like a horse stirrup -probable bad descrition. Have you got a site piCtures and prices. WE like the clasp that the stirrup has rather than wire. You have artistic talents in so many areas. Tommy