big sur06/12/14


I camped with three dudes in Big Sur. It was way out of my comfort zone and a grand adventure! We listened to the rain pour down all night, woke up to deer surrounding our (otherwise deserted) campsite, ran around the beach at dawn, ordered one of everything at Big Sur Bakery, explored a foggy redwood forest, and continued on our way up the coast.

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  1. dream trip! one day, one day!

  2. beautiful! One day I want to visit that place. :)

  3. Gosh, how magical! I’m eager to explore more of the West Coast once I relocate. So many beautiful places (and baked goods) to see (eat).

  4. This is so beautiful! Love the portraits of the three dudes. Also will eat one of everything at Big Sur bakery, when I’ll go there in the future. Which will happen!

  5. I love your little travelling adventures. So dreamy. I am dying to go camping and hiking.

  6. So stunning! This looks like it was such a magical time!

  7. gorgeous! these photos are so moody and awesome!

    big sur is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. I definitely want to do a west coast road trip (which is what you did here, correct?)

  8. Kathleen

    (Did you guys camp at Andrew Molera?) You got some really, really gorgeous shots of one of my favorite places. Simply stunning.

  9. kathleen, yes! good eye! gorgeous campsite.

    and melissa, yes we drove from LA to Portland. highly recommend it! :)

  10. these photos are an absolute dream! looks like it was an amazing time!!!

  11. stunning pics!

  12. so Beautiful! amazing!

  13. Lovely images! We just returned from our trip to California – Yosemite, Big sur, San Francisco. I always love looking at images from the places I’ve been. It is beautiful out there.

  14. oh wow olivia, you’ve really outdone yourself. These are simply breathtaking.

  15. Those pictures are gorgeous. They really are. bisous de france

  16. These are wonderful! You are so talented :)

  17. My type of landscape, colors, smells and adventure. I am taking a pen and adding it right now to my bucket list.

  18. Beyong lovely! What a terrific experience. I want to go!

  19. So, so pretty!

  20. Uuuugh, I love this part of California!! I grew up in southern CA, and although I did explore a lot of the central coast, I never actually made it to Big Sur, and only saw the redwoods when I was very young. I’m yearning to take a proper, two or three-week long road trip up there, I feel alive in that cool, misty air. These photos are incredibly beautiful.

  21. Jenna

    I have been dreaming about taking a trip there, like this. your images are beauties.

  22. spectacular!

  23. Wow Olivia these shots are breathtaking!! oohing and ahhing over here!! The photos of the three boys–super cute!!

    much love,

  24. These photos are beyond gorgeous! It sounds like you had a blast even though I could think of a few things I would rather do than camp with three guys :)

  25. AMAZING photos of one of my favorite places. thankyou for sharing!

  26. These photos make me miss the west coast and the pacific ocean so much. Stunning.

  27. Briel K.

    Big Sur is so beautiful. I’ve been wanting to visit there for years but haven’t made it yet for whatever reason (and it’s only a few hours from LA)! Hopefully soon!

  28. this does nothing to squelch my desire to finally get to big sur. these photos are beautiful, bud.

  29. This is *beautiful*.