blackberry crumble with honey-whipped mascarpone yogurt05/15/13


I recently partnered with Wisconsin Cheese to create a dessert highlighting their mascarpone cheese and then film the recipe. I went with my all-time favorite: a berry crumble.


For me, making crumbles is a windows-open-music-on-life-is-good sort of experience. They’re impossible to mess up and they always satisfy. Check out the full recipe plus the video Blake and I shot (and Wisconsin Cheese edited) here.

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  1. this sounds heavenly!! crumbles are my favorite summer dessert. what a fun opportunity!

  2. Love me some Wisconsin Cheese. This looks delicious as always!

  3. This… is perfection. It looks so absolutely mouth-droolingly delicious!

  4. Love crumble, my favourite is rhubarb , honey mascarpone sounds amazing as an accompaniment

  5. Wow, that looks so delicious!

  6. ohhh, this looks heavenly.

  7. The video is brilliant – excellent work, and this looks totally comforting and delicious.

  8. ohhhh heavenly.

  9. Crumbles are the best…

  10. Looks DELICious!

  11. Oh my crikey, this looks insanely good.

  12. crumbles are also my favorite for all of the exact reasons you listed.

    i’ve never tried a whipped marscapone though, will have to do next time!

  13. This crumble looks so fresh and delicious! Perfect comfort food for springtime. :)

  14. yummy. i saw your video! i have been shooting films for wisconsin cheese too! so fun!

  15. Stephanie

    I am DEFIANTLY making this soon (:

    Also instead of using butter for the crumble topping, can I use coconut Oil?