blackberry farm03/06/13


My parents have been raving about Blackberry Farm for the past 10+ years and after spending a night there, I totally understand what all the fuss is about — down to every last detail, this place is exquisite. It feels like an alternate universe where your every want and need is fulfilled before you even knew you wanted or needed. Every person on staff is so darn nice, and though you’d think somewhere this luxurious would reek of pretentiousness, it doesn’t. It’s laid-back and comfortable. There’s an ease that feels like home.

We arrived on Sunday just in time for brunch, and from there we started 26 hours of ┬álife-changing meals separated only by long walks, lounge-time by the fire, and evening naps. Changing settings, seeing family, discovering something, anything new — it’s so vital to my productivity and happiness. I used to think I would grow out of my restless, wanderlusty soul, but I’m starting to think it’s here to stay.

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  1. yes yes YES!

    (love the first photograph, looks delightfully relaxing)

  2. if you’re anything like me, the restlessness never goes away. embrace it because it looks good on you. love the pictures!

  3. These are GORGEOUS photographs, Olivia. The plants in the window are just beautiful.

  4. I have seen other posts about Blackberry Farm, and now, more than ever, I am itching to visit! It sounds like a wonderful, relaxing time!

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous landscape! So much charm.

  6. Gorgeous! I have been wanting to go visit there for a long time! Love that area

  7. ahhh-a place to stop a while

  8. i have been dying to go to blackberry farm! i was under the impression that they had a two-night minimum stay. would love to hear more about how you stayed for one night.

  9. Daniella

    Stunning. The picture of the horse is just beautiful! Looks liek a lovely place.

  10. These pictures are just gorgeous…I have heard of Blackberry Farm too and your post solidified the need to go there!

  11. These are so beautiful, Olivia! Wow! You captured it so perfectly… LOVE the plants in the window. :) xx

  12. It looks so peaceful & relaxing there. Beautiful photos, as always girl! :)

  13. you make everything so lovely… & i cant get over the photo of you. so perfect!

  14. beautiful, beautiful pictures, olivia. i just love how you capture moments frozen in time.

  15. these pictures are divine.

  16. It’s amazing…i know the former executive chef that was there (he lives in pa now) + wish we had gone when we lived down south!

  17. so dreamy!! I have the same wanderlust tendencies. i cannot wait to move to portland in august & explore a whole new region of the country.. endless discoveries await :)

  18. So nice to see that pretty face of yours on the blog! I miss seeing posts like this, so obviously I enjoyed this one! :)

  19. Ah, you never want to grow out of the wanderlust! Beautiful photos of a gorgeous place! xxoo

  20. I’ve also recently embraced that side of myself: to need to constantly search for new and wonderful places! Best post in a long time, Olivia! Thank you.

  21. I completely understand what you mean. Its what keeps the creativity juices flowing. I always feel uber inspired after doing/visiting something new. Its like each experience awakens something in our soul.

  22. beautiful!! I feel like you have truly found your style of editing! It’s perfect, and it represents you so well! Keep it up, lady! Also, come visit me in LA!!!

  23. This place looks so serene! I could use a vacation here to recharge :)

  24. That place looks amazing!

  25. oh my! These photographs are simply gorgeous.

  26. Oh my, I must visit someday…

  27. Love that you’re getting your old groove back around here – it’s nice to have you back, miss!

  28. Love the details of these shots, the wallpaper and the spontaneity

  29. olivia olivia olivia…

    you’re always killing it, but this? this is incredible. beyond words, really.

    i need to get there asap.

  30. THis set of photos is really beautiful!