botany bay01/28/13


We spent a sunny Saturday exploring Botany Bay. An almost 5,000 acre wildlife preserve on Edisto Island, it’s rich in history and chock-full of little sea treasures.


Super stunning and almost-empty on a sixty degree day in January, Botany Bay is another one of Charleston’s hidden gems.

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  1. looks fantastic-sounds like a lovely day out

  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful. one day I will visit charleston…

  3. Wow, those shades of blue are heaven!

  4. These are beautiful photos. You definitely captured the feel of that area. I haven’t made my way to botany bay. On The last trip to Edisto, we got caught up exploring tiny dirt roads and forgot about our plan to stop there. Always a next time! x

  5. Beautiful olivia!!!

  6. absolutely gorgeous photos, makes me want to throw my kids in the car and roadtrip it all the way to south carolina!

  7. Hard to believe it’s winter and not spring while looking at these photos. Gorgeous. To Charleston I must go!

  8. These are great! I’ve never heard of Botany Bay so a visit may need to be on the to-do list. I love that it is sunny and nice enough to go to the beach during the winter in South Carolina. Nothing Finer!

  9. wow, what a lovely spot…. you captured its essence so well!
    That is an awesome sea shell you found too!

  10. love love love this. never been to edisto, but i have a friend with a summer house there, and maybe i’ll get to visit sometime soon.

  11. Looks like an amazing place, love all the drift wood sculptures, I wish I lived near enough to the sea to just pop there over the weekend

  12. wow, it looks so peaceful there! xo

  13. Wow, these shots are Totally gorgeous.

  14. these are fun!

  15. wow, those trees are amazing!
    i love your colours, also.

  16. Just stumbled upon your blog the other day and I’m really looking forward to following it. That 7th one down is hilarious :)

  17. The first photo is breathtaking!

  18. that first photo is so visceral and haunting and amazing and transporting.

  19. Lovely. I will have to add it to my list of places when I FINALLY make a trip to Charleston.

    Plus, I’m totally jealous of your warm weather!

  20. Simply love the picture of the tree!

  21. It looks beautiful there! Like the kind of place I could spend hours at walking around and picking up shells :)

  22. Stunning.

    dani //

  23. love this so much. we’re big fans of adventuring out here in the pacific coast … it’s so lovely to see the same kind of beauty over there on the east.

  24. wow, i love that first photo. this place looks magical!

  25. Beautiful, just beautiful, and I love the simplicity! :)

  26. almost 5000 acres? that is awesome.

  27. dianaCees

    great photos!