sunday love04/08/14

(my sweet uncle and aunt)

I was recently chatting with a girlfriend about how easy it is to get caught up in the comparison game. I’m a rule follower by nature, so when it comes to relationships I often judge mine against others, wondering what’s “normal” and how it “should” look. We put an unfair amount of pressure on ourselves with the judging/comparing/perfection-striving, as I’m sure our moms did and their moms did, but social media certainly has not helped the cause. My friend said her mom is constantly reminding her that you can’t judge your insides against other people’s outsides.

All of this to say, the Sunday I’m in Love series is meant to guide and inspire but it’s also meant to be a reminder that there is no normal. All relationships are different — each as weird and valid and special and complicated and beautiful as the next.

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the pinegars for kinfolk03/24/14

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I took a photo of one of my favorite families  to accompany Nikaela’s poignant words for the latest issue of Kinfolk. Above are a few outtakes, but check out this home-focused issue in print — it’s a good one. (The online version can be found here.)

sunday i'm in love02/10/14

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I’m super pleased to be partnering with CHARLIE Magazine to extend my series on partnership into an ongoing one. It’s called Sunday I’m in Love, and will be a weekly glimpse into partnerships and lasting love. First up, my sweet parents who have been together for 32 years (married for 28+) and have always reminded me — primarily through example — that relationships shouldn’t be hard; that most situations should be laughed or danced through. I’ve always liked that perspective.

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brooke and eric get married | backyard, yonges island01/23/14

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Brooke and Eric got married in the backyard of Eric’s childhood home on Yonges Island. It was a laid-back and full-of-love evening, planned in four weeks and focused on the things that matter. They even had a perfect pink sunset over the marsh as they made their way to the dance floor. Thanks for having us, B & E!

proud mary spring 201401/21/14

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Hi there! Pardon the radio silence, but if you follow along on instagram you may have noticed that I’ve been in Peru for the last couple of weeks! I joined Harper Poe of Proud Mary on a sourcing and research trip — being introduced to the world of textiles and fair-trade was absolutely fascinating and beyond that, it was a crazy, amazing, exhausting, eye-opening whirlwind of an adventure. While I’m catching up on the last two weeks, I wanted to share the spring lookbook we shot a few months ago (see our past lookbooks here). I’m  in love with these new pieces and so excited that Harper is starting to incorporate more clothes and shoes into her brand. Check out the rest on the Proud Mary site.

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