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I met Peter the first day of my freshman year of college. His room was next door to mine and whenever there was a roach or the window was sealed shut or some other kind of unsolvable problem, Peter would come to the rescue. In our poetry classes, he was the one with his hand constantly raised, challenging our professor or otherwise blowing everyone’s minds. He has since traveled the world and blossomed as a brilliant actor. Peter always has an interesting take on things and is always up for a lengthy chat.


Charleston, I love you | 008: Peter Galle

What brought you to Charleston?
College. When I was young an older girl from my neighborhood showed me around the campus after her first year. I applied early and got in early and didn't look anywhere else.

What do you love most about Charleston?
The ability to walk or bike anywhere. Also the heat. It's an equalizer of sorts. Everyone is sweating. There cannot be too much pretention when you are constantly reminded of your unifying bodily condition.

What's your favorite spot in Charleston?
South of Broad, but also north of the Crosstown, from Huger on up passed Hampton Park.

What's your favorite restaurant in Charleston?
That's a tough call. I would have to say it's a tie between FIG and Two Boroughs Larder.

How have your travels altered your view on Charleston?
The transition between my teenage years and early adulthood took place in Charleston, so for awhile I felt my identity was bound by the city, so much so when I left I felt unstable. After college I traveled alone across the world. When I returned I changed and no longer identified with the conceptions of the community I had grown up in. That allowed me to view Charleston with fresh eyes. This last summer I lived in New York and LA. Doing so allowed me to gain a further appreciation of Charleston and its conveniences that make each day a blessing. Now, of all the places I've lived in, Charleston is by far my favorite.

What's a typical day like for you?
I wake up and and either fix myself coffee and work at home or go to Black Tap. During the afternoons I either go rock climbing or go to the beach or watch and study films. As of late I've been watching the Olympics into the wee hours of the morning, but on a typical night I'm eating with one of my family members or alone, watching films, reading or researching my latest fascination on the internet.

How does Charleston influence your work?
Walking and biking near the water does a lot for my creative process. Being able to do that everyday is special to me. Estuaries are the most fertile places in the world. This bodes well for my art. I am also influenced and supported by the two theatre companies I work for, Theatre 99 and Threshold Repertory Theatre. The work I am able to accomplish with these companies is consistently revelatory. I am lucky they are here to foster my process as a filmmaker, actor and artist.

A standout Charleston memory?
Graduation day. For me, it summed up so much more than my experience in the classroom. I left with an English and Philosophy degree on paper. But my time was filled with so many other ventures. At the end of college the doorstep of the world was open. I could feel it. Sitting on the stage in the Cistern I was excited and thankful for all that had come and all that would come.

Describe Charleston in three words.
Luxuriant. Magical. Free.

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  1. what refreshing self-awareness…and i love the 3 words for charleston. perfection.

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  3. I just can’t get enough of your photos! love them!
    Just thought I’d comment (since I was sort of blog stalkin’ ya ha) :-) Come on over and follow along Color Issue–I think you might enjoy it!

  4. Miranda

    I went to high school here in charlotte with peter’s sister, anna! such a small world!

  5. Briel K.

    Still loving this series. :) I love the three words he chose.

  6. Love this!

  7. You take such fantastic photos–I love this series!

    The Glossy Life

  8. I adore this series, Olivia. Your friends seem like the nicest, most interesting people! I love the way Peter describes himself and his city.

  9. The picture with the pug is a dream.

  10. Victoria

    What a babe!

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  12. I was in love with this guy before I even started reading (that pug photo, oh wow) and we both have a degree in English and Philosophy. I’m smitten!

  13. I love your photos they all look amazing.

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  15. my husband holds our pug the same way. that one’s even a bit grey in the muzzle like our baby. i love it. mine’s snoring in the corner right now. I think i’ll go pick her up.

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