charleston, i love you | 010: isa salazar08/24/12


I met Isa through her gorgeous startup magazine, Marmalade. She returned to Charleston after a stint in NYC working for Lonny, and we started crossing paths more and more often (as it happens here). Isa has a quiet calming presence, but this girl is a powerhouse; endlessly ambitious and always creating something new and beautiful.


Charleston, I love you | 010: Isa Salazar

What brought you to Charleston?
I came to Charleston to study art and Classics. Before I officially decided to come to College of Charleston, my mom and I drove down from DC for one night to feel the place out. Wisteria was blooming along 95 South, hinting at the magic we were about to see. I was completely enchanted when I got here.

What do you love most about Charleston?
The fact that downtown is like a sitcom, full of characters. Also the jasmine and possibility that there are ghosts??

What's your favorite spot in Charleston?
I think it depends on who I'm with. I love biking to the top of the Mt Pleasant bridge for perspective, but also sitting at the end of a dock in the marsh with just the sound of the very loud cicadas.

What's a typical day like for you?
Lots of computer click-clacking. This summer I was spending many days with my laptop at Hope and Unionthough now I'm

readjusting to its departure. I've just started printing a line of cards {available at Mac and Murphy!} and have been spending more time drawing designs. It feels good to have a creative outlet outside the computer again!

How does Charleston influence or inspire you in your work?
Charleston is so romantic and charming, it's hard not to indulge in that aspect. For me it inspires my artwork, simply for the fact that it gives me energy. I'm also very much inspired by the people here. There's so much talent and warmth.

A standout Charleston-related memory/story?
Climbing to the top of a crane in the middle of the night as the Liberty Street dorms were being built. Shhh.

Describe Charleston in three words.
Hanging tree magic.

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  1. What a darling girl. I really like her description of the place. Makes me want to see it for myself

  2. That is one of my favorite secret spots.

  3. Wow, such lovely photos, and her interview is great! Every time you post for this series I want to come visit. The wisteria description sounds amazing!

    Cute dress btw!

  4. She had me at blooming wisteria! Lovely. xxoo

  5. despite of the fact that i absolutely love your photos, i’m always wondering what effects or what do you do in the edition to get these wonderful colours.

    and i also wonder that if one day you give a workshop, i cross the atlantic just to meet you. :)

  6. Thanks for the Shout Out Ladies! Love this interview and the shots are, as always, stunning. xoxo, m&M

  7. I love this ‘ Charleston I love you ‘ series :) Beautiful photos.

  8. i love this lady’s simplicity. she emanates such kindness.

  9. These photos are so beautiful! Your blog is so beautiful, I just can never get over it. You’re officially my favorite photographer/writer/blogger. ;)

  10. Isa seems like a lovely person! And Charleston like a great place to be at!

    Just discovered your blog, and already liking it! I too, have interview features on mine, and I am always pleased to read about people that other bloggers put on spotlight!

    Have a great sunday!

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