family portraits12/27/13

Nan Nan, 82

Grier, 15

Aunt Angelica, 68

Uncle Chuck, 60

Great Aunt Wylma, 93

Tommy (dad!), 56

Aunt Susie, 52

Uncle Bill, 59

Just popping in to share some for-fun portraits I took of these select willing family members (ahem, mom and Isabel) before our big Christmas dinner at Nan Nan’s house. I love staring at all these incredible faces — ranging from 15 to 93 years old. Time with my family has been short this year, which makes every moment of it even sweeter.

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  1. Love

  2. What beautiful portraits!

    You’ve got some good genes in your family, that’s for sure.

  3. These are gorgeous portraits- beautiful family! I absolutely adore your style of photography & that great smile of yours.. and that hamster. ;)

  4. Olivia, these pictures are gorgeous! i think i’m gonna steal this idea and do it with my family.

  5. These are truly incredible, stunning portraits. What a beautiful documentation of your family, I hope they cherish these as much as you.

  6. Love these portraits, Olivia! Are you planning on hanging them in your home? I love how you played with the shadows.

  7. oh my, Olivia. these are stunning, every single one. the light is just out of this world. beautifully done!!

  8. Beautiful. Family time is so important.

  9. Beautiful portraits! And merry christmas. ;)

  10. I love these, what a beautiful project. I’m feeling a bit inspired :)

  11. Beautiful! I love the simple mood, the negative space in the dark background and the simple light.

  12. These are gorgeous, perfect lighting and framing

  13. Very nice olivia. I like that none of your pictures look posed, and i know how difficult it can be for people that are not used to have a big camera pointed at them to actually act normal. And you did a very good job capturing the right moments, they all look at ease and not uptight at all.

  14. This is so beautiful!

  15. beautiful.

  16. What a beautiful series of photos! Their expressions are exquisite. I adore these photos.

    I just found your blog and it has been a pleasure to read through your older posts. ♥


  17. Briel K.

    These are great! Would’ve enjoyed seeing your sister and mom too. :)

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! Your mom and sister are really missing out!

  19. I would love to know you took these photos. Extra Lighting? These shots have inspired to look IntO taking a photography class.

  20. GORGEOUS Photos! xxoo

  21. thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Sid — I just used natural window light as the sun was going down. :)