lake summit02/25/13


We spent the weekend in the mountains of North Carolina with nine of our pals. Between drawn-out meals around the farm table, highly-emotional games of Mafia, and the brilliant discovery of clay-and-algae face masks, it was the perfect combination of hysterical laughter and restorative relaxation. Friends you can sit around in your leggings with = the best kind of friends.

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  1. Love the mountains in NC! Looks like such fun. I agree; you don’t have to dress up for true friends. :) Happy Monday, Olivia!

  2. lol cute. I’ll bet you guys had the best complexions in the mountains.

  3. this looks like so much fun :)

  4. Hilarious x

  5. I love it here. It looks like you all had a blast ;) glad you enjoyed your stay!

  6. Yes, Mafia! Best. Game. Ever.

  7. I love cabin weekends. They are all wonderful and Yours looks exceptionally hilarious!

  8. Looks like so much fun! You guys are so silly :)

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhh. awesome!! he looks soo handsome! :D

  10. i wish i could wear elastic waist pants 247. the best people support this.

  11. or even better… sweatpants ;)

  12. Haha, I love it! :) Those are quite the friends, I’d say so. :)

    Looks like a fun day!

  13. Such great pics x

  14. Ahhh I love this! I live in NC and this makes me home-away-from-home-sick for the mountains. You make fun times with friends look like a work of art.

    Allie @
    P.s. my blog is brand new so any visitors are so so appreciated!!

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  16. I envy your tight knit group of friends…and i miss the mountains of nc (spent a bit of time there-good times)!