market flowers11/21/12


I’m not sure what kind of flowers I brought home from the farmer’s market this week, but they were vibrant and pretty and the leaves smelled like eucyluptus. I’ve taken to hanging the loose branches on random walls around the house, which gives me a¬†disproportionate amount of satisfaction.


I love the darker cozier evenings of November. The simplicity of a candle, a clean house, and a movie to watch with Blake can do wonders. Feeling extra thankful this year.

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  1. that happens to me all the time…i buy flowers that i don’t even know the name. and i don’t have to…the speak for themselves.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the bottom one.

  3. Gorgeous flowers! HaVe a wonderful thanksgiving! xxoo

  4. Zinnias! Cosmos too. Foliage looks like eucalyptus. Love em!

  5. The pink and orange flowers look a lot like Zinnias (which I love so very much) :-)

  6. Thanks, Matt! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Perfect flowers. I love November evenings, too. We’re buying a house soon and I can’t wait to spend them all cozied up in front of the fireplace.

  8. They definitely look like Zinnia’s to me. (hoping this doesn’t actually post all caps!)

  9. Beautiful flowers! I actually don’t love the dark evenings of november… but your description certainly does make me appreciate them more :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. beautiful! Loving the colors :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. love always makes you feel extra thankful. so am i.

  12. Beautiful zinnias!

  13. I’ve had a lot of lovely evenings like that this fall. Candles, Golden Girls, and a clean home. :)

  14. Very pretty!

  15. Short but sweet. Beautiful post. I also take solace in november days like that. :)

  16. Those flowers are lovely! Is there anything happier than a clean apartment and a candle burning? Not really. :)

  17. I must get me some eucalyptus. thank you for the reminder…