michael and celia | freunde von freunden02/05/13


I always enjoy Freunde von Freunden’s fascinating features on creative people all over the world, so it’s truly a pleasure when Kristen Gehrman and I get to team up and contribute a Charleston-based portrait.

We spent a sunny afternoon at the beautiful home and studio of Michael Moran and Celia Gibson, the talented duo behind Moran Woodworked Furniture. See more photos and read the full interview here.

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  1. So pretty and light.

  2. Gorgeous photos, of course! I love LOVE that table made with the branch.

  3. Great shots! I especially like that third to last solo photo of her.

  4. what a wonderful couple! they are really adorible together!
    love that this idea has a german name…

  5. ok. exactly how many celias do you know?

  6. hannah, they’re actually based in berlin!

    and celia, i know exactly two, including you. :)

  7. Olivia, I realllly think these blow all your other work out of the water. The one with the two of them in that shed? I could dieeee.

  8. I’m a big fan of FvF, congrats on the shoot!

  9. Olivia – what a great work! A M A Z I N G!
    so special, so beautiful!

  10. oh. that dog is so cute.

  11. Great work here! I absolutely love it. just so well done all round.

  12. such an amazing light olivia! beautiful images and i also love freunde von freunde!