new year12/31/13

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I love the new year, I’m a sucker for a clean slate — it’s the perfect way to reflect and recharge. Among getting organized and being kind to myself, visiting the ocean more often is one of my many goals for 2014. Seeing the sun rise and set shouldn’t be limited to summer vacations. Plus, Frankie loves it.

Happy New Year, friends! Cheers to a happy, healthy, and sunshiny 2014.

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  1. Happiest of New Years!

  2. Beautiful pictures, the sea at sunset is always perfect
    I love a trip to the seaside, we too were hoping to go this evening but the weather has been really stormy and unpredictable in the UK

  3. Happy new years to you + hubby + frankie :) I’m so excited to see what photos you will post this year. <3

  4. Happy New Year, sweetheart! Thanks again for the thoughTful note. May 2014 be good to you in every which way.

  5. rebecca

    beautiful shots, as always. That’s a great resolution— i live in santa barbara and hardly ever make it to the beach, which is such a shame. Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration :) Happy new year!

  6. Love the fourth and last photos. My goal for 2014 is to Document My trip to India. I’ve travelled several times over the last five years and am Always surprised by how few photos I’ve taken.
    Happy new year, Olivia. I hope 2014 brings great things.

  7. Yes! I love your beach photos – you capture the light and energy so perfectly :)

    Happy New year!

  8. i continue to marvel at your specular photography, olivia. happy new year to you.

  9. Happy New Year, Olivia! You pictures make me want to take a morning walk by the ocean…if only I was near one.

  10. Living in Amsterdam, water is more something you receive on your head during the constant Downpours . haha. But the ocean is such an incredible source for reflexion and inspiration, this is one pretty good resolution.

  11. Hilalaufer

    You’re photos always transport me to places I may never get to experience otherwise. I’ve never left a comment, but I enjoy your blog very much. Happy New year! And btw -wich lans do you use?

  12. Wishing you the happiest and healthiest New Year, olivia! Much love to you! xxoo

  13. i love your 2014 goals. mine are the same, minus the ocean (living in the middle of america stunts that dream a little ;)


  14. Wahou your pics are amazing and dreamy, what a beautiful sunlight ! Happy new year to you and your loved ones :)

  15. such lovely photos, May the year be sweet :)

  16. I’m so very jealous that you live close to the coast. I grew up on the gulf coast and it’s literally painful to be so landlocked ;) Beautiful photos, as always!

  17. I wish you all the best in the new year, Olivia!

  18. these photos are so stunning! wishing you all the best in the upcoming year.

  19. wonderfully captured, olivia. it is always such a pleasure and inspiration to get lost in your images- never stop:) can’t wait until you post from peru!

  20. that last shot. my fav.