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Even before we got to Peru, the place Harper and I were most looking forward to staying was undoubtedly El Albergue in Ollantaytambo. The hotel is planted right along the only train tracks that lead to Machu Picchu, making the tiny town nestled in the Sacred Valley a destination as frequented as Machu Picchu itself.  Seeing tourists going to and from a world wonder is a funny thing — on the departing trains, it’s all nervous energy and excited chatter; on the arrivals, everyone is sunburned, haggard, and asleep with their faces pressed against the glass. Harper and I spent many hours perched by the windows of their cafe, watching the tourists come and go while anticipating our own turn.

The hotel was originally built in the 1920s and was turned over in the ’70s to a young artist from Seattle, Wendy Weeks. Weeks and her husband lived there alone for a bit — painting, enjoying the views, and listening to the hum and whistle of the train going by—before restoring and reopening the property to the public. They couldn’t have made it any more breathtaking if they’d tried. Hummingbirds, passionfruit, and bougainvillea fill the courtyard, and their candle-lit dining room serves gorgeous Peruvian fare grown primarily on the organic farm they maintain out back. It was hard to leave this spot — it feels like a dream you never want to wake up from, or the flower-heaven that you’ve been lucky enough to get into.

(More about El Albergue on Gardenista!)

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  1. oh i wish i had known about this place while i was there. but! all the more reason to go back :)

  2. This sounds like such a magical place. I’d love to go here one day ..

  3. sounds so dreamy. in fact, your whole trip to peru sounds so dreamy!

  4. What an incredible trip. I have another friend who visited machu piccu recently as well, I’m loving living vicariously through your images and words. So beautiful!

  5. I love every photo. I need to make a trip to peru stat!

  6. you’re selling peru so well! that sounds amazing.

  7. beautiful photos! enjoyed the article, too. peru is awesome. i loved living there – ollyantaytambo was such a cool place.

  8. Stunning.
    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted: viking hats & light sabers

  9. I love to see how peru is becoming a new destination. I know A newly wed couple that went there for there honey moon. How cool is that ? When you know that not a long time ago, the most famous destinations were only the ones involving beaches, sun and doing nothing. – don’t get me wrong, i love the beach and have nothing against doing nothing, it’s just that i like observing how the way people want to live, and what excites them is constantly evolving.

  10. Beautiful, beautiful Olivia. Feels like a dream looking at these photos too.

  11. Such lovely photos! Wow, that place is stunning… <3

  12. peru, more than ever, is on my bucket list, cheers for these lovely photos, Olivia.

  13. Ashleigh Sahn

    So gorgeous! I’m so jealous of your trip, I dream of the day that I can go myself. The visual richness of Peru is inspiring.

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