tara and leighton for charleston magazine01/07/13


I recently shot a feature for Charleston Magazine on a couple of my favorite subjects: Tara and Leighton. One dreary day in December, the gracious hosts of the Kinfolk Dinner and Fiddle Tree welcomed me back onto Deux Puces Farm.


These two exude the kind of internal warmth and beauty that radiates, challenges and inspires — the kind that makes you wonder why in the world you aren’t living in a beach house on a farm with the love of your life, raising goats and counting shooting stars. It’s a valid concern.

Read the story in its entirety here.

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  1. I would absolutely LOVE, LOve to own some goats. Hell, Right Now I’d even anything to have my own garden. (Currently living in an 4th floor apartment.)

  2. This is perfect. I’d be on that little walkway all the time!

  3. gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful story. These pictures truly capture their contentment with life.

    soo cute these too!

  6. Looks (and sounds) divine.

  7. Olivia! You are just so good at what you do, girl. I especially love the way the wind is blowing in those first few frames…stunning work as always!

  8. I cannot get over that skirt (wrap?)! beautiful photos, Olivia!

  9. these are beautiful, olivia. the second shot of the first diptych took my breath away.

  10. One of your most beautiful posts. I, too, am no wondering why i don’t live on a farm in the middle of the marshlands. :)

  11. Love her curls. Love the vibe. Love everything!

  12. These photos are most excellent ;)

  13. these are so lovely!

  14. Her skirt. that dog. your skills. equals magic.

  15. love to you. beyond.

  16. you have captured THIS friend of most my life in the most accurate way ….genuine beauty she is, and her gentle love of a husband too.

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