XBB was recently named one of America’s 50 best new restaurants by Bon Appetit. I’m so glad that Josh, Dulaan, and Joey are getting the recognition they deserve because oh my god, this food is the best.

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  1. Oh my days, that food looks insane! Gorgeous photos, loving the one with the green table. Lucy xo

  2. I want to eat all those things – looks amazing!

  3. Great shots! The food looks awesome.

  4. great shots, olivia!

  5. Making me hungry! Beautiful photos as always. Adore all the plants in the last photo. Rachel xo

  6. i love the brick wall.

    and i would eat all that food

  7. Beautiful! I love the plates (reminds me of my childhood) and those pretty stools!

  8. how exceptionally delicious does it all look!

  9. Beautiful space, beautiful photos. I can’t wait to visit charleston one day and try this restaurant.

  10. looks like an amazing place.

  11. these are awesome photos. i like the chalkboard one the best. cheers.

  12. I just love your food photography! I need to get a fixed aperture lens! :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  13. The food looks so good! I love how all the colors work so well together in these photos!

  14. Whoa, that food looks amazing! Love the aerial shot of the food on the green table.

  15. these pictures are beautiful- they really capture just how rare and unpretentious of an establishment xiao bao is. I look forward to returning for many meals to come!

  16. We ate here on our last trip to Charleston and everything was perfect. the food, d├ęcor, drinks, etc. loved it!

  17. This was one of my favorite meals when visiting Charleston. I also loved the building. interior and exterior! Glad they are getting some much deserved press too!

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