strawberry cupcake for breakfast.
birthday flowers from dad.
more goodbyes.
izzie and birthday balloons.
lunch at the perfect pig.
present time

My twenty-first birthday was kind of bittersweet. The boys left Nashville on their bicycles before eight a.m. I ate a strawberry cupcake for breakfast (which quickly helped the broken heart) and went to the farmers' market with my dad. We met the boys for lunch (since it was only 30 miles away) at Carl's Perfect Pig. It's a famous BBQ place; not the ideal birthday lunch for a vegetarian, but I thoroughly enjoyed my baked potato and mac & cheese (and last opportunity to see the boys until who knows when).

We made dinner plans at the last minute, deciding on a French restaurant in Nashville called Miel. It was magical; modern french elegance and fresh authentic food. My first legal drink - a champagne cocktail with lavender honey and orange zest - was insanely good. Even though I will always have slight Peter-Pan syndrome and never want to be a "grown-up", I am so happy/relieved to finally be twenty-one. It's just nice.