a boiled peanut boat.

love out of focus

Before the wedding last Saturday, we went on a long boat ride with the groom. He was surprisingly calm and collected for someone getting married that night. We ended up riding around for more than two hours, resulting in a very happy and very sunburned me.

When we stumbled upon a boat that sold boiled peanuts, I could not contain my giddiness. Where else can you find a boat in the middle of nowhere selling boiled peanuts? I've lived in the South my entire life, but have only recently learned to truly appreciate it. If I had gone to Dadeville a few years ago, I probably would have focused on the negative things (like being a weirdo for not eating meat). But this time, I was completely enamored with the quirks and quaintness. Everyone we met was sweet, sincere, and lived by my favorite mantra - it's the little things.

munchin on boiled peanuts
boiled peanut boat
the jumping rock
the scooba-diving groom
distant sailboats