a few more scenes from nice.




In all honesty, I was totally disgusted with hot weather by the time we left Nice. But I must admit, last night as I was riding on the back of my new friend's moped and the chill in the air turned my nose into an ice cube, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic for those uncomfortably hot nights in Nice, where sleeping seemed near impossible and cold showers were the only viable option. I might not have spent my Labor Day wearing white pants or eating burgers*, but I think it was the perfect farewell to summer -- and I have a sneaking suspicion that autumn is going to be very good to me this year.

1. Vieille Ville.
2. Strawberries at the marché des fleurs.
3. A path to nowhere.
4. Sunset in Nice.
5. Zac's first ever croque monsiuer.
6. Colorful french laundry.
7. Posters at the giant antique market.
8. Olive tapenade at a schmancy dinner.
9. Tiny alleys.
10. Hotel Danemark.

*not sure this is realistic even if I had been in the States, but, a girl can dream.