a magical first night in edinburgh.

in awe
stairway alleys (SO harry potter)
aqua dome
i'm scottish (clearly)

Tyler has been preparing me for our arrival in Edinburgh for months. We've talked about it endlessly and Google-Earthed the route out of the train station too many times to count. However, I don't think anything could have prepared me for just how awe-inspiring Edinburgh would be. The weather was uncharacteristically beautiful with warm afternoon light, there was a perfect crisp breeze, people filled the city walking around and napping in the park, and meanwhile there were castles dating back to 30-something A.D. on a massive hill looking over the city. I honestly was stunned.

Tyler lived in Edinburgh for a year after high school, so I already felt like I had such a connection to the city. Mike met us right away, and we spent a couple hours running around the city being giggly and excited. The fact that we were completely exhausted, mentally and physically, was not even a thought. We sat at a beautiful pub for a drink and a kilo of mussels before meeting some friends for a lovely Italian dinner (where I again had mussels), and then watched the sunset (around 10:30) as we drove back to Stirling. I am so happy to be here.

sunset in Edinburgh