a sunday afternoon.

modified version of eggs benny, minus the ham. dijon and honey and all kinds of amazing flavors.

Unsurprisingly, Sunday revolved around a delicious, decadent brunch at Granville's. Highlights of the experience: "smurf" bread (blueberry bread that went wrong in looks but succeeded in taste) and a modified version of eggs benedict with tupelo honey and a dijon hollandaise-type sauce. The cheddar biscuits were also to die for (which I quickly noticed given my recent biscuit obsession).

the wascally wabbit.
banana bread and "smurf" bread (blueberry bread)

After brunch I went on a walk that ended up lasting all afternoon. I ran into my dear friend Landon, scouted out a picnic spot for approaching spring days, and just admired this pretty city.

In Beaufort we met an older woman from New Jersey whose heart was very close to Charleston. She fell in love there, got married there, and lived there for most of her teens and twenties. As young, broke, newlyweds, she and her husband's favorite thing to do was just walk - to feel the breeze from the harbor (in days of no A/C) and swoon over secret gardens.

I was proud to tell her that nothing has changed.