adventure musings.

School isn't really my thing. I know how to write papers and take tests and get A's (sometimes), but it rarely inspires or excites me in a major way. That being said, one of my professors has made my entire college experience -- first by helping me fall in love with poetry, and now through a class on autobiography.

This semester, he gave us 20 percent of our time to use however we wished (like Google), allowing us to create anything we wanted, so long as we framed it within the context of autobiography.

I decided to create a book -- an autobiographical travelogue. Here is the digital version if you'd like to see!

Working on this book has reminded me of how much I love being out of my comfort zone and diving head-first into new experiences. As much as I value a sense of home, my beautiful friends, and Charleston in general, I think becoming comfortable somewhere indicates that it's time for a change -- at least at my age, and at least for a little while. Nothing is permanent (or so I keep reminding myself).
Just a few days ago I mentioned how weird I was feeling about this transitional phase. Not that I have everything figured out (does anyone?) but I am over-the-moon excited to be making plans.

I'm realizing that in life, you can't think too much. Sometimes you just have to go for it.