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Melissa and I were recently in Bermuda for a wedding (more on that later!) and ended up having quite the adventure of our own. The day we were supposed to leave, we were caught in a crazy tropical storm that changed paths and gained strength at the last minute. We woke up to the sound of loud wind gusts (later reported to be 90 mph), bent palm trees and sideways rain. When the storm calmed down a bit, I explored the neighborhood to find giant trees down, power lines blocking roads so taxis were unable to get anywhere -- the roof of the airport even blew off, causing the sprinkler system to activate, causing the entire airport to flood and consequently close "until further notice." After the initial anxiety of dealing with cancelled flights and being stuck and helpless wore off, our extra time in Bermuda ended up being some of the most fun. There was such comradery between everyone swapping storm stories, and there was not much to do but hang around and relax. We spent the afternoon swimming laps and chatting by the pool with white wine, and then had a long dinner at the only restaurant in town with power.

Aside from the storm excitement, Bermuda was lovely -- full of the most gorgeous colors (the bluest blues I've ever seen) turquoise waters, pink buildings, pink sand, and mopeds lining the streets. As our friendly cab drivers loved to tell us, it was Bermudaful.