bin 152 (wine + cheese heaven).

roquefort, comte, goat, fresh baked baguette
french cotes du rhone, amazing
roquefort, cheese-filled happy me
cleaned plate

As far as I'm concerned, wine and cheese is accepted as the best duo of all time. I can't think of one circumstance where I would turn it down, especially when paired with a fresh-baked baguette.

There is a wine and cheese bar dangerously close to my apartment, complete with a lovely French owner who is always there to help you choose from the extensive menu. The rustic decor, soft lighting, and mismatched furniture (all for sale, it doubles as an antique shop) seem too good to be true and stir up memories of Provence (or more specifically, the time we spent all our money on cheese). A night at Bin with my girlfriends is all I ever want in life. I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to become a habit.

P.S. I read and reread and reread your comments yesterday. Thank you thank you thank you!