blackberry farm

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My parents have been raving about Blackberry Farm for the past 10+ years and after spending a night there, I totally understand what all the fuss is about -- down to every last detail, this place is exquisite. It feels like an alternate universe where your every want and need is fulfilled before you even knew you wanted or needed. Every person on staff is so darn nice, and though you'd think somewhere this luxurious would reek of pretentiousness, it doesn't. It's laid-back and comfortable. There's an ease that feels like home.

We arrived on Sunday just in time for brunch, and from there we started 26 hours of  life-changing meals separated only by long walks, lounge-time by the fire, and evening naps. Changing settings, seeing family, discovering something, anything new -- it's so vital to my productivity and happiness. I used to think I would grow out of my restless, wanderlusty soul, but I'm starting to think it's here to stay.