blue cheese drop biscuits.

blue cheese biscuits

When I posted about my favorite salad last fall, it became apparent that many people have serious aversions to blue cheese. First, let me say that I completely understand - I have detested blue cheese for most of my life. Second, let me say that detesting it for most of my life has been the biggest mistake of my life thus far, and I have done everything in my power to make up for this mistake. (One time I actually spent all my money in France just to eat good cheese...)

blue cheese biscuits

I followed Joy the Baker's recipe for Paprika Cheddar Biscuits, substituting blue cheese for cheddar and nutmeg for paprika. Not all blue cheeses are created equally if you're just munching on it, but for this recipe any blue cheese works - I bought a block of hard blue cheese and crumbled it, purposely leaving some large chunks in the batter. Biting into a biscuit and getting a surprise bite of cheese is never a bad thing.

These are nothing like the biscuits I made last time. They took about thirty minutes to make (baking time included) and there were no wine bottles or mason jars involved. The recipe yields 12 regular-sized biscuits or in my case, six gargantuan biscuits.

Note: they are brilliant with homemade eggs benny.