breakfast at bull street.



A couple nights ago -- a quiet night that was meant to begin and end with Bin 152 -- some friends and I spontaneously decided to have a staycation. The MSNBC show Morning Joe was being filmed super early the next morning at the Mills House Hotel and we decided if there was an available room, we'd all (six) split it. Turns out they did, so we went for it.

Staying at a hotel in your own city feels weirdly exciting, and seeing the show the next morning made the four hours of sleep worth it. They showed repeated closeups of Martin, and Mika Brzezinski was as cool (and pretty) as I always thought.

Afterwards, we raced to Bull Street Gourmet for breakfast. In short, I am crazy about this place. Not only is the space beautiful with its big windows and Edison light bulbs, the food is phenomenal. I finished every bite of my smoked salmon hash (with two poached eggs) and kind of wanted more. They also have lunch, dinner, and incredible coffee drinks. It's a winner for sure.

P.S. They sell duck fat if you want to make some life-changing fries.