cafe de france.

rich & creamy cafe au lait, served with petite chocolate chip cookie
ritual cafe au lait i'm beginning to crave
rainy days in provence
vin rouge at cafe de france
perfect dessert portions

We've become "regulars" at the cutest little spot in our village called Cafe de France. We've had Café au lait's every morning, affordable bottles of superb local wine, and numerous lunches involving lots of cheese.

A couple days ago we sat down to have a coffee, but the clear skies quickly turned into a storm and forced us to stay and have a bottle of the local Côtes du Rhône. We ended up meeting the sweetest man who we've since met multiple times, and has generously shared with us old French stories and many hidden gems of Provence.

The rain, the green wicker chairs, the elegant women eating alone (my new goal in life), the tiny wine glasses, the Café au laits with whole milk (there is no choice of skim)... it is all just too too too perfect.