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sunday love

Untitled(my sweet uncle and aunt)

I was recently chatting with a girlfriend about how easy it is to get caught up in the comparison game. I'm a rule follower by nature, so when it comes to relationships I often judge mine against others, wondering what's "normal" and how it "should" look. We put an unfair amount of pressure on ourselves with the judging/comparing/perfection-striving, as I'm sure our moms did and their moms did, but social media certainly has not helped the cause. My friend said her mom is constantly reminding her that you can't judge your insides against other people's outsides.

All of this to say, the Sunday I'm in Love series is meant to guide and inspire but it's also meant to be a reminder that there is no normal. All relationships are different -- each as weird and valid and special and complicated and beautiful as the next.

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sunday i'm in love

070B9700 - Version 2 (3 of 6) I'm super pleased to be partnering with CHARLIE Magazine to extend my series on partnership into an ongoing one. It's called Sunday I'm in Love, and will be a weekly glimpse into partnerships and lasting love. First up, my sweet parents who have been together for 32 years (married for 28+) and have always reminded me -- primarily through example -- that relationships shouldn't be hard; that most situations should be laughed or danced through. I've always liked that perspective.

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