coffee & canals.



Our time in Amsterdam seemed to revolve around two things: coffee and rain. It rained on and off all day, every day. It would rain even if it the sky was blue and the sun was out and one pretty morning, it actually hailed.

While it was a little cold and uncomfortable at times, I learned to love Amsterdam's rain. It made our boat trip through the canals feel cozy, and it encouraged us to duck into cafes for a cup of dark, frothy coffee every chance we got. We drank so much coffee in Amsterdam, it's a wonder we ever slept.


We stumbled upon this gem of a burger joint in Amsterdam and upon seeing the pumpkin gorgonzola burger on the menu, I quickly deemed it my favorite restaurant in the city.


Burgermeester has three veg/pescatarian options (pumpkin, goat cheese, salmon), and I hear their regular burgers are nothing short of spectacular. I almost wish we pulled a Voltigeur and ate here every day.

P.S. Zac left Burgermeester a new mascot. With Elvis hair, a heart-shaped nose, and a teeny tiny burger permanately attached to his right hand, I think he's pretty cute.

weekend (in amsterdam).

Amsterdam is every bit as charming as I expected from a city of canals and bicycles.


We thought we'd be able to take a break from bread after Paris, only to discover a city of waffles and pancakes. Of course we tried them all; sweet, savory, with cream, without.



But my favorite part of Amsterdam was rush hour every evening. Bike lanes overflow with superstylish commuters of all ages, while the actual road is empty. Everyone looks a little happier and healthier, with an extra rosy glow to their cheeks. This is how it should be.