road trip to dc.

georgetown picket fence
the irish lads
crazybusy georgetown on saturday afternoonpeach raspberry crumble
the best, laziest day
pam's house

Hailey and I drove to DC over the weekend for a fancy schmancy graduate party at the Swedish Embassy. Instead of spending lots of time out in Georgetown, we opted for staying in my all-time favorite family and beloved Irish lads -- reading by the fire, eating delicious meals, blasting music on the porch and watching the twins dance in the rain with glowsticks outlining their necks and wrists.

Both eight-hour drives flew by due to nonstop chatting and multiple instances of laughing to tears. We remembered the power of being solely in the moment and it was just the refresher we were in dire need of.

*the twins' amazing tree house

scenes from d.c.

not exactly sure what this is. but i love it.
table talk diner
mini caprese bites
fall colors in old town alexandria
round-table dinners
monument before sunset

1. Love this beautiful random structure showing off some lovely fall foliage.
2. Love the Table Talk Diner that hasn't changed since 1970 (and love how excited my mom got about scrapple).
3. Love Pam's adorable caprese salad appetizers (and love every bite being perfectly proportional).
4. Love mini pumpkins on Halloween morning in Old Town, Alexandria (where my parents got married).
5. Love delectable desserts with bananas two ways and pretty details.
6. Love dinners around round tables and especially love this portobello lasagna Pam made (courtesy of Ina).
7. Love watching the sun set behind the Monument.

i still love tree houses.

leaf-covered latter
fall foilage
brendan climbing up
pretty little leaf
sweet brendan
beautiful wood, perfect tree house

Most of the appeal in visiting D.C. has to do with seeing our sweet friends who actually feel like family. Seeing Pam and Dave and their Irish-lad-twins* (Brendan and Liam) fills my heart to the brim. Brendan and I had the best time playing in the tree house, seeing who could swing higher (him), and admiring the fall foliage until we were attacked by a water-gun sniper (Liam) and were forced to run inside. Although I've had my fair share of positive and negative tree house experiences, I can't deny my love for them. They are magical.

*they even do Irish Step Dancing.