europe trip june 2010

dreaming of edinburgh.

classic edinburgh weather
edinburgh castle

Seeing The Illusionist a few weeks ago reminded me of the magic that is Edinburgh -- a city seemingly untouched by time in the best way.

I spent most of my time there walking around, gazing upward, marveling at the breathtaking architecture (and tripping over cobblestones).

sunset in edinburgh

Even the more modern aspects of the city -- the pubs and chippies on every corner, the tea shop with cute cake stands, the bunting-filled arts and crafts store -- Edinburgh is filled to the brim with charm and personality.

Driving away from the city as the sunset painted the sky a perfect background for the castles, it truly felt like a fairytale.

dreaming of helsinki.

oh so pretty

Although I only spent 24 hours in Helsinki, it felt like much longer. By the time I arrived I had been on planes, trains, and buses for too many days to count and I felt like a walking zombie. That day in Helsinki felt dreamy and illusory, moving in slow motion in the best way.

cute and modern coffee shop
stunning architecture

The air in Helsinki was biting, but crisp and refreshing in an invigorating way. Styles are simple and modern, but bursting with color. The people are subtle and kind, constantly surprising you with their generosity.

the brightest yellow gelato i've ever seen
heart of polas
marimekko curtains in sara and jussi's apartment

Sara and Jussi made the trip. Warm and welcoming, funny and sweet, easy to be around -- I felt like I had known them for years. Not to mention that the way they treated each other was beyond touching; best friends with the utmost respect for one another. It was inspiring.

sara and jussi <3
sara and jussi's apartment

Yearning for an adventure. Can you tell?