We spent less than 24 hours in Rome before flying home. We were exhausted. It was crowded. But it was Rome, so we saw as much as we could in less than a day.

We walked along the river, admired the Colosseum, got lost a few times, heard my dad's song playing by the ruins, and forgot to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain. We ended up at a little restaurant near the Spanish steps, eating gnocchi and feeling nostalgic for this time that was about to end.

How do you gracefully say goodbye to the most beautiful three months of your life?

sunset at piazzale michelangelo.

Every evening in Florence, Melissa and I went to Piazzale Michaelangelo to watch the sunset. It's totally crowded and full of tourists, but in this instance, we hardly noticed.


Knowing our trip was coming to an end, it was difficult to feel completely in it. We found ourselves returning to the same conversations, letting curiousity and excitement (and anxiety) about the future get the best of us.

The sunset always reminds me of the bigger picture; it helps me gain perspective. It allows me to just be, and marvel at the beauty of the sky.

il chicco di caffè

Some local friends in Florence told us about a charming lunch spot we had to try, Il Chicco di Caffè. When they said it felt like eating in your grandmother's kitchen, they weren't kidding.


There couldn't have been more than ten tables in the restaurant (all of which were communal) and we quickly realized that everyone there knew everyone else (or they might have even been related?). Fiesty old ladies in chef hats ran around and kissed everyone. People shouted, passed babies around, and drank lots of red wine. It was exciting. Melissa and I just sat in awe, observing and giggling and very, very happy.