charleston + 4,000 mile bike rides.

remains of an old church on a desolate coral beach in SKYE

We're in Charleston this week for apartment-sprucing, food-indulging, and most importantly to send Tyler, Landon and Mike off on their epic journey. (If you missed it, they are biking 4,000 miles across the US for the next three months to raise money and awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse.)*

They have been training by riding 50 miles in 100 degree weather with 50 pounds of text books piled on their bikes. It's still bizarre to me that less than a year ago "Pedal for Prevention" was just an idea Tyler thought up, and now it is actually happening. Not that I doubted Tyler, who has more enthusiasm and drive than any person I've met, but it seemed like such a far-away crazy idea that I wouldn't have to worry about for a while. I still can't believe they are leaving in less than a week. I am beyond proud of them and cannot wait to see how their journey plays out.

*Check out their first TV interview, their blog to read sweet, honest posts (and follow them across the country) and their tweets to see pictures of cute boys in funny white helmets.