charleston, i love you | 001: martin grant

Untitled This space has always been a sort of love letter to Charleston, but this recent post inspired a new series; Charleston, I love you. I want to feature my friends and fellow Charlestonians, to get their perspectives on this charming little peninsula of ours. First up, my hilarious pal Martin who uses words like "radical," has beautiful blond locks, and is the easiest person in the world to talk to.

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Charleston, I love you | 001: Martin Grant

What brought you to Charleston? As boring and generic as it may seem, school, or College of Charleston, is what essentially brought me to Charleston. Although I don't find it boring or generic but rather a privilege to be able to study and learn here.

What do you love most about Charleston? Without question the architecture of the city is what I love most about Charleston. Also, to me there is nothing better than being able to cruise on my bike around the peninsula, especially around sunset, and especially through the small streets the Battery has to offer. There is something really, really special about it.

What is your favorite spot in Charleston? Mac and Murphy.

Describe Charleston in three words. Calming, surprising, radical.