charleston kinfolk dinner

Untitled A couple weeks ago we put on a Kinfolk Dinner here in Charleston. It was pulled together in two weeks and the people who rallied to make this thing so darn beautiful amazed me. The magnitude of Kinfolk-enthusiasm in Charleston surprised me and left me loving this city more than ever.


The dinner was held at Tara Derr Webb's farm in Awendaw, and Tara (with the help of so many -- Maki, Christel, Leighton, Tara's father, Libby, Patrick) served a four-course family-style meal. I serendipitously met Tara as I was trying to find a location for the dinner and I'm so glad I did. She went above and beyond to make the night special and was (is) truly, truly, a godsend.

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Christel from Greendale Farms graced us with her addictive homemade cheese. The oohing and aahing over this cheese (paired with delicious honey and fresh microgreens) was ridiculous. The "Purple Haze," gouda-style cheese with herbs de Provence, was the resounding favorite.

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Musicians from Awendaw Green came out and serenaded us with some folksy tunes as we sat down to dinner. Anne Bowen of Stems generously contributed more than a dozen arrangements of lush fall colors, herbs, and purple artichokes wrapped in birch. Johnny of Sweeteeth contributed take-home chocolate bars for everyone. Blake and Fuzzco designed menus and drew that sweet chalkboard sign. Brooks of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co served French 75s and Gin & Tonics on tap, both with a Jack Rudy twist.

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Bill and David of Sugar Bakeshop baked three impressive desserts: lattice-top apple pie, pumpkin ginger cake, and caramel cake. Their desserts have long been my favorite as I lived across the street from Sugar in college (dangerous) and it was wonderful to have their desserts and presence at the dinner.

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Ross and Jayme of Black Tap Coffee served a delicious dark brew with dessert as everyone sleepily gathered around the fire. It was mentioned more than once that even on a cloudy night there were so! many! stars! Charleston is no Manhattan, but still -- getting out of the city and into the country every once in a while is totally necessary.