cheekwood gardens.

vibrant flowers
mom & nan nan, looking at chihuly glass in the gardens
distant chihuly
harsh light but pretty flower
cheekwood botanical gardens

I spent a lovely day at Cheekwood with my mom and Nan Nan to see their American impressionism exhibit (and Chihuly, but more on that later). I was dying over the beautiful paintings, and on closer examination of White Azaleas-Magnolia Gardens by Alfred Hutty (which sadly does not exist on the internet), I saw that his inspiration was Charleston. It said that the first time Alfred went to Charleston, he immediately wired his wife and said "Come quickly, I have found heaven."

The first time I saw Charleston, I felt exactly the same way. Love at first sight.

*This is my other favorite painting we saw. I want to jump into this scene, or attempt to recreate it. Dream world.