christmas lights in charleston.

christmas tree in marion square
mel & mattie playing in the christmas tree

After we watched Elf and drank the richest peppermint hot chocolate in existance, we went on an invigorating walk in the freezing cold and fell in love with Charleston all over again. I like to think of Marion Square as our own mini Rockefelller Plaza minus the crowds and ice-skating rink. (The lit-up Palmetto trees are my favorite.)

christmas palmettos are my favorite
christmas palmetto tree
freezing in the christmas tree

I still have not grasped the fact that exams are officially over and I get to relax for a month. Yesterday Melissa and I sat on my couch for hours with Prosecco, cheese, and candy cane kisses talking about how a month long "winter break" must be the best thing about college (along with the three month summer break...) and how is this our last official "winter break" ever? After a short part-time semester in the spring I am done with school forever, which is starting to terrify me for the first time in my life.  What am I going to do with my life?! Can I eat cheese and drink Prosecco for a living?

But these are fears for another day. Today I am flying home to my amazing family, eating as many truffled fries as I possibly can, and snuggling with fluffball puppies. It is a good day.