cinnamon rolls.

unrolled cinnamon rolls

One of my friends happens to be a talented carpenter and after seeing my makeshift wine bottle pin, he decided to make me a beautiful French rolling pin (Brazilian cherry with pine inlay, if you're into that sort of thing). I thought nothing could be better for its inaugural use than classic cinnamon rolls.

pretty french pin
cinnamon rolls
uniced cinnamon rolls

I've never had any interest in making cinnamon rolls, and I now understand why -- the process was all but a disaster. I spent four hours destroying my kitchen, my clothes, and covering myself in a sticky maple syrup/flour paste. I actually had to throw away more than half of the dough. I'm not sure what went wrong with that half, but it was messy.

The half that did work were (although not the prettiest) totally delicious, magical, heavenly little rolls.  Truth be told, they provoked a marriage proposal. They were everything that cinnamon rolls should be -- ridiculously decadent, food-coma inducing, gooey, pecan-filled, and drenched in maple cream cheese icing.

cinnamon rolls, drenched in icing

(I used a cross between two recipes: these cream cheese cinnamon rolls and these classic cinnamon rolls -- but it's probably best to stick with one, especially if you're a cinnamon roll rookie like I am.)