clamming, bulls bay

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We've recently gotten to know some wonderful people in McClellanville. The Goodens harvest sea salt from the waters of Bulls Bay and let me tell you, this salt is special. Super special. The Carolina flake is my favorite, but they also just released a hickory-smoked salt, which gives everything a smoked-over-the-campfire-flavor. (Find both salts and more about the Goodens here.)

The Goodens also do some commercial clamming and invited us to come along for the ride one Saturday afternoon. Without commercial fishing licenses we could only observe, but ever-eager-Blake jumped right in with his jeans on.

This is all so new to me -- learning how my salt is made, seeing how clams are harvested, cooking live crabs, etc. It feels like yet another testament to Charleston that you can be strolling along cobblestone streets past gardens and art galleries and cheese shops, and an hour later be boating at Bulls Bay, covered in pluff mud and running from crabs.

(We later ate the crabs along with this lattice top pie.)