cupcake overload & sleep deprivation.

cupcake sandwichblack bottom: chocolate chip cheesecake baked inside a chocolate cake, with cream cheese icing

It's very appropriate that the only photos I took this weekend were of cupcakes, since I spent most of it working. Besides a lovely French dinner with my beau, a few invigorating runs along the harbor, and a fun night at on the patio of Juanitas with friends, I was a slave to school (a very rare occurrence). I'm not one to sacrifice my precious sleep for silly old school, but in this case I had no choice as my deadline is today. Although I slept for less than three hours, I still don't regret my week of blissful ignorance and lack of productive academic activity.*

Also, sugar crashes are a myth and I still love cupcakes.

*I might regret it just a tad.