cupcakes + a wedding.

opera cake

Whenever I go home, my family makes a point to hit every Cupcake shop in the area (which is actually more than you'd think). These little beauties are from Naticakes in downtown Franklin. While their decor was perfection and their flavor choices were impeccable, the icing wasn't my favorite. It was a light, whipped icing as opposed to the much unhealthier dense icing I'm used to. However, every other person I was with declared it the best icing they have ever had. Either way, the fact that they offered a chocolate salted caramel cupcake won my unconditional love from the beginning...

Tyler and I are going on a little road trip to Alabama this weekend for a wedding! Despite being slightly freaked out that our friends are starting to get married, we are super excited for our friends and for this little getaway. I also can't wait to wear my brand new party dress and to give them this special cake stand my mom and I made.