day trip to chattanooga.

cool building above the cupcake shop.
pretty pom poms
cupcake art
mary on the walking bridge.
colorful bikes

Early Sunday morning, I drove to Chattanooga. The boys were pedaling through that day, and my bff lives there, so obviously I could not not go. Mary and I had a great day walking through Chattanooga, browsing antique malls, chatting over lunch, and sweating to death during a walk over the bridge in mid-day heat. I love spending time with her.

After a grueling day of cycling, the boys pedaled up to Mary's house (which still seems so strange to me that they actually cycled up to Mary's house...from Charleston...). Feasting on roasted vegetable baked pasta and caramel sea-salt brownies* while watching back-to-back episodes of The Office has never been so fun. Hooray for my boys being in Tennessee.

*I made them vegan and the consensus was that they were the best ever, i.e. I've made 4 batches in a week.