what a legend.
lacock, england
lace curtains
tea + "scrumpets"

After leaving Paris, we spent a few more days with our friends in England before flying home. For the most part, we were deliriously exhausted and opted to watch the World Cup and feast on fish & chips. But on our last day, ambition won us over and we decided to visit two beautiful English villages - Lacock and Castle Combe. Both villages are completely untouched by modern society, and transport you straight back to the 18th century (it's also where movies like The Other Boleyn Girl and a couple Harry Potter's were filmed).

After a few hours of sight-seeing, our laziness outweighed our ambition once again and we sat down to have cranberry scones with clotted cream and jam, along with some perfectly-brewed English breakfast tea. Tyler and Mike were being so outrageously goofy that my stomach hurt from laughing. It all started when Mike was having laundry issues and was forced to wear too-tight shorts with tall black socks.