food & art.

egg sandwich and simple french salad
beautiful distressed table
raisin bread, sweet strawberries, and creamy brie-type cheese

Last weekend we went on a family outing to see the Vishnu exhibit at the Frist Center. It was visually stunning (and mentally enlightening) but we ended up falling in love with William Eggleston's photo exhibit, Annointing the Overlooked. Eggleston's work is infinitely poignant, as he views the world with a democratic eye -- assuming no one thing is more beautiful than another.

coconut cake
bloog orange chocolate gelato that actually rivaled isabel's caramel salted.

Of course we left the Frist starving and headed straight to one of my favorite spots in Nashville, Marché. Right when I start thinking I've built it up in my head,  I eat there and realize it truly is the best restaurant ever. They just get everything right in a seemingly effortlessly way. Simple yet thoughtful food, Prosecco punch, a lovely atmosphere, and chocolate blood orange gelato? Be still my heart.