france & serendipity.

sweetest little town

Long before I made plans to travel, I came across a food styling and photography workshop in a castle in France. I sent my mom a link to the post (we constantly email each other with links and photos and tidbits) and wrote, dream. She agreed that it of course seemed amazing, but we dismissed it as a faraway, unrealistic idea.

lounging in the poppy field
laundry time at the castle

Fast forward to last week, Aran announces that the workshop is in the Dordogne countryside (where I'm going be living) beginning the day my au pair job ends.

Long story short, I received an email a few days ago (in the middle of the night) saying I was in. Giddiness ensued. I couldn't fall back asleep for hours. (Turns out, I'm furthering my education after all!)

wishing it was three weeks later and this field was bright purple

When you decide to listen to the most honest voice in your head and ignore everything else, things seem to work out beautifully.

*photos from my last trip to France
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