hailey gets a pixie.


I don't know many people that would grab a pair of dull scissors and chop all of their hair off, but that is precisely what my friend Hailey* did.

hailey, before
hailey, terrified
hailey, chopping away
hailey, starting to love it

She knew she would eventually end up at a salon for shaping and styling, but she wanted to do the initial chopping herself (which I thought was beyond amazing).

hailey, chopping away

Hailey is gorgeous enough to rock any hairstyle, but it takes serious guts to chop your hair off. Watching her, while giggling and screaming excitedly, was inspiring to say the least. It's just hair, and it will always grow back.

hailey, after (but before going to salon for shape-up)

Although, I kind of doubt she will want it to grow back -- a pixie suits pint-sized Hailey perfectly.

*mother of Tutti, girlfriend of Ben, hostess of indoor picnics