Harbour Island

Back in February, I had a little ladies weekend (i.e. bachelorette party) in Harbour Island. I fell in love with the place after reading about the Ocean View Club in Conde Nast Traveler (the history of the family-run hotel is so sweet) and can confidently say it exceeded my already built-up expectations. I'd heard it from everyone who's been, but it truly is a special spot. 

Amazing views from the prop plane on the way in.

The colors all over the island were unreal.

The most beautiful skies as we headed next door for dinner at The Dunmore.

This was the room my sister and I shared, and when you opened the french doors you could hear the ocean just down the steps! We ran down them to walk on the beach every morning.

The owner Ben opened a bottle of rosé for us immediately when we arrived, and we giddily ran down to the beach. Eva had already jumped in the ocean by the time we caught up. Thanks to my sister I sported a bride sash for about two minutes of the weekend.

This is the breezy balcony over the ocean where we drank coffee every morning (and the place I kept dreaming about after we left).

Ahhhhhhhhhh heaven! And pink sand!

One of our days there was rainy and cold, so we sat around chatting in robes for hours.

The bar was honor-system, and you just jot down whatever you help yourself to in their notebook. We pretty much stuck to a steady stream of rosé.


Melissa's face perfectly sums up how we felt about returning to reality. And see that small orange building in the background? That's the airport!