homemade almond joys.

homemade almond joys

Since the moment I laid eyes on Joy's homemade almond joys, I knew I had to make them.

I have to warn you - making these almond joys is no walk in the park. They are a huge hassle and they will destroy your kitchen (notice the messy chocolate splattered everywhere*). At one point during the process, I was covered in melted chocolate with a sliced hand, slamming dishes around and growling under my breath.

homemade almond joys, sprinkled with sea salt

Somehow, magic happened. I sprinkled a little sea salt on top and was forever sold on these little beauties. One bite of homemade almond joy and all was forgiven. Sweet and salty bliss.

*They look super messy in these photos because they are super messy. But after hardening in the fridge and cleaning up around the edges, I promise they look presentable and actually pretty.