homemade oreos, triple-stuffed.


I have never eaten an oreo and thought, "Wow, that was the perfect amount of icing!" Instead, oreos consistently leave me feeling unsatisfied and covered in chocolate crumb-dust.

oreo cookies
triple-stuffed oreos

The remedy? Homemade oreos, with as much icing as my heart desires.

oreo stuffing galore
homemade oreos, being assembled

I used Deb's recipe, which is simple and perfect as is (my cookies look different because I used dark cocoa powder). I took her advice to cut out a half cup of sugar in the cookies to make them more wafer-like instead of overwhelmingly sweet. Sprinkling sea salt on the icing is key (as always, in my book).  They keep well in the fridge and I actually like them better chilled.

Store-bought oreos will never be the same. Don't say I didn't warn you.